CrêpeBar 4.0 stellt seinen Webauftritt zum 31.12.2021 ein!

Welcome - We are CrêpeBar 4.0

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Since summer 2016, we have been attending the technical school BBS1 in Mainz, with the aim of becoming state-certified technicians in the field of automation technology. The 4-year education includes a final team project, which is processed during the last year.
For this purpose, students from the fields of process and production automation make up teams, each of whom will realize a project.

These teams also have the opportunity, to bring in their own suggestions in addition to the given projects. In our case, we had the idea to expand the project B.A.R 40 with a “crêperie”.With this, our Crêpe Bar 4.0 was born.

On our website, we would like to give you a detailed impression of the course of the project and our work. In addition, you can see Crêpe-Bar 4.0 live in action. We would be happy to invite you to visit us at “the open day” of the BBS1 in Mainz.

Project goal

Our goal is to serve crêpes with different toppings and drinks (soft drinks, cocktails, beer, coffee specialties), fully automated. The implementation of our project should take place on the basis of Industry 4.0. This means, an intelligent networking of machines and processes.

Project goal reached:

Our Team

Professional students
Industrial sectors
> 0
years of work experience
appx. 0 hrs.
of spended time

The project team consists of 3 prospective technicians from the Production Automation class and of 4 prospective technicians from the Process Automation class. Knowledge from our school education and technical expertise from various professions each team member brings into the team, form the basis for our project.

You will be informed in detail, about the progress of the project, on our website. This includes, among other things, explanations of tasks we have to handle, to realize the project and challenges which have to be overcome. Each team member will write a diary about his work. In addition to the written information, videos and pictures of the current status of the project will also be displayed.

Your support = our success

The projects of BBS1 are characterized by a high level of commitment from all partaking technical students. During the days of our project presentation, of course, we don’t just want to present a functioning project, but also inspire with technology and passion. In addition to several thousand hours of hard work, this also requires financial and/or material support.

As a sponsor, you can make these funds available through the support association of BBS1 Mainz.

Further information on sponsoring and our sponsors can be found here: