CrêpeBar 4.0 stellt seinen Webauftritt zum 31.12.2021 ein!


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It is our aim to realize a bar service with an attached creperie. The customer has the option of using a touch panel, to choose between various drinks (coffee, cocktails, soft drinks, beer) and/ or a crêpe with a chosen topping.

Our „Creperie“ starts the production, serves drinks and crepe to the through the dispensing area, depending on the customers choice. The preparation is done by means of two robots.

One of the robots also cleans the returnes cups and glasses, so they can be reused. For this purpose, an intelligent storage and transport system is developed and implemented.

In order to realize the workload, pre-assembled solutions that are linked together, are used.

Already available are:

  • Bottledispenser
  • ice crusher
  • coffee machine
  • beer dispenser
  • Glass cleaning station

The process flow is realized by means of hardware and software in such a way, that the customer receives the chosen drink and crêpe as quickly as possible. For this purpose, the worksteps (glass return and beverage output) in combination with the crêpe preparation, are connected meaningfully.

In order to give the customer better transparency for the current process, as well as for a better follow-up of the order, a corresponding lighting system is integrated.

Programmable logic controllers from Phönix Contact are used to operate the system.

The system is then operated via a touch panel.

Our tasks:

  • Planning, integration and revision of the sensor technology
  • Planning, integration and wiring of electrical automation components
  • Planning, construction and integration of technical devices, assembly of a robot gripper
  • Planning and construction of necessary components for unit safety
  • Construction and commissioning of a Mitsubishi RV-6S industrial robot
  • Establishment of the bus-communication via Profinet, parameterization of the equipment